Unapologetically Shinjini. A Memoir at 26. Media Entrepreneur. Engineer. TV Personality


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The first thing that really struck me is Shinjini’s exhortation to honor our heritage, family, culture. In this racially divisive world we are living in, it’s all so easy to undervalue our ethnic roots and the intrinsic beauty that is diversity. 

Spending time by herself is one of the greatest pleasures she ever had. Throughout the book she makes subtle but profound distinctions such as that between solitude and loneliness. 

"There is something incredibly beautiful about reveling in our own thoughts and discovering what we are feeling deep inside our being. I have found that this sort of reflection cannot happen during our day-to-day chaotic lives."

Solitude is to be savored despite the fact the media doesn’t give this mind replenishing pastime it’s due. Solitude is not to be confused with loneliness. I also really resonated with her experience as an introvert; Shinjini really drives home that it’s the quality of relationships you make and not the quantity that matters.

Shinjini discusses adventures with her family and how she resolved to proudly embrace both her Indian and American heritage. The book is much a story about her origins as it is about her undeniably vibrant and inspiring future. It’s also a story about determination, ambition and the resolve to succeed in a world that doesn’t bend easily to the will of a female and minority.

As an academic (girl with the highest GPA) and artist (dancer and pianist), Shinjini tells a gripping story of how she overcame the odds to become a highly sought-after speaker, TV personality and celebrity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female; her story will inspire you. If you’ve ever experienced self-doubt, get this book and allow her to motivate you to unleash the go-getter within you.

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