Beyonce Lip Synch Controversy - Is the black media guilty of double standards?

I just listened to Steve Harvey basically tell his audience to stop hating on Beyonce with
regards to the inauguration lip synch controversy.
To say "it doesn't matter either way, it's still her voice" is a gross oversimplification of the
The fact is that her performance was advertised as a live performance (at least on as
"Pop star Beyonce sings the national anthem 'The Star-Spangled Banner.'"). Its fair to say
that the audience had a reasonable expectation to hear her sing live.
If her vocals were prerecorded, this raises at least two fundamental questions:
(1) Were her vocals and tonal range enhanced in the studio?
)2) Did Beyonce set out to give the appearance that it was indeed a live performance? For
example, why was she wearing an ear piece that she appeared to pull out during the show.
If we really want to see an improvement in race relations we really do need to start being
more objective. Would the response from the black media been different if this had been
lady Gaga or Taylor Swift.

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